To make good use of the consultation service

To make good use of the consultation service

This page provides information on the advantages of using consultation services and the key points to use.

1.Advantages of using consultation services

(1)You can sort out your concerns and problems.

Talking to someone about what's on your mind or what's bothering you can help you sort out what exactly you are having trouble with and what you are struggling with.

(2)You can get detailed information on systems and services.

On a daily basis, the staff at the consultation service collects information on available support systems and support services to help resolve the concerns and problems of those who come to them for consultation.Therefore, it is also recommended to use the consultation service to obtain up-to-date and detailed information.

(3)They can work together to find a solution

The staff at the consultation service can not only provide you with information, but also work with you to figure out what you need to do to solve your concerns and problems.By talking about your concerns and problems, you may come up with a plan that you could not have come up with on your own.

You may feel uncomfortable discussing your private matters with us, but please be assured that the consultation service has a duty of confidentiality and there is no need to worry that the contents of your conversation will be revealed to others without your consent.

2. Key Points for Using Consultation Service

Continuing on, here are some tips for making use of the consultation services.

(1) To Know Consultation Services

Consultation services include public consultation services provided by local governments, etc. and private consultation services provided by NPOs, etc.
This website will guide you to the appropriate consultation service by answering the Chatbot's questions.
Below is a brief introduction to some of the public consultation services provided by prefectural and municipal
governments for reference.

(i) Money and work related problems: Welfare Offices, Self-Reliance Consultation and Support Agencies, Hello Work
At the Welfare Office, you can apply for social assistance. At the counter of the Self-Reliance Consultation and Support Agency, you can consult about things such as not being able to work even if you want to, not having a place to live in, and other problems you are having in your life.
For employment-related problems, Hello Work (Public Employment Service Offices) also provides employment
counseling, job referrals, job training guidance, and employment insurance procedures, and offers support for
employment-related issues. Some Hello Work offices offer specialized consultation services, such as Mother’s Hello Work , which supports people who want to work while raising children, and New Graduates Support Hello Work, which supports new graduates and those who have not yet found employment generally within three years of graduation from school.

(ii) Problems related to Pregnancy, Childbirth,Child Rearing, and Abuse:
Comprehensive Support Centers for Families with Children, Health Centers, Divisions related to child-rearing
support in municipalities, Child Guidance Centers, Education Centers, etc.

Consultation is available for various problems and difficulties during pregnancy, before and after childbirth, child rearing, abuse, and children's school life. Support systems and services related to pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing are explained, and support is available for applications and other procedures necessary to use these systems and services.

(iii) Aging and Nursing Care Problems:Community General Support Centers
You can consult about various problems and issues related to aging and nursing care.
The Center accepts consultations not only from the elderly themselves, but also from their families. The Center also provides referrals to nursing care insurance services, as well as the application and other procedures necessary to use these services.
Names may vary by municipality.

(iv) Problems related to Disabilities: Municipal divisions related to disability welfare
Individuals living with disabilities and their family members can consult about various problems and difficulties.
The division also provides referrals to disability welfare services and the application procedures necessary to use them.

(v) Problems related to Mental Health and Illnesses:Mental Health and Welfare Centers,Health Centers,etc.
You can consult about various problems and difficulties related to mental problems and illnesses.
Consultation is also available for family members. Specialized counseling services for alcohol dependence, drug dependence, gambling dependence, etc. are also available.

Prefectures and municipalities also have a variety of other consultation services, some of which can be accessed by phone, e-mail, or SNS from anywhere in Japan. In addition to getting to know what kind of consultation services are available in your prefecture or municipality, please keep in mind that there are also services that can be accessed from anywhere in Japan.

(2) To choose a consultation service that fits your problems and issues

Since different consultation services offer different consultation methods and times, please consider the following two points to choose the consultation service better suited to your needs.

  • What methods would you prefer (in person, by phone, email, SNS, etc.)
  • When is the preferred time (weekdays or weekends/holidays,daytime, evening, late night, etc.)

If possible, pick up several consultation services that suit you. Since a certain degree of compatibility matters, it will be a source of reassurance to have a next point of contact for consultation if you experience a feeling that the place is not a good fit.

Also, if you prepare a memo to write down the explanations and information you received at the consultation desk, you can review the contents later.

With the title of "To make good use of the consultation service," we have provided information on the merits of
using the consultation service and the key points for making good use of the consultation service.

To consult is to ask for the wisdom of someone other than yourself.
Just as you would go to a hospital when you feel unwell, why don't you take advantage of a consultation service
if you have any problems or difficulties in your life?